sample sales

I recently went to a Toronto sample sale, courtesy of my internship. Designers such as eliza, Chloé Comme Parris and Muttonhead. Of course, this was only last month and the start of my shopping diet. But in all seriousness, who could turn down the chance to go to a sample sale with free wine?

What was weird was the location. Every day when I go home, I pass by the Nestle factory. And you think, well chocolate is delicious! But the thing is about the Nestle factory is that it is located on a really sketchy industrial road. The sample sale was in an extremely old, sketchy building. But once inside, the fabulous designer goods were plenty. My friend and I even found a shirt for our coworker (see left, below).

“I Love My Hooker”

Believe it or not, I was tempted to purchase this men’s shirt for myself. It was the perfect boyfriend tee and an awesome design overall. Turns out, the designer’s female intern agreed, she had just purchased it as well.

Anyways, back to the actual purchase in this post. I found an eliza necklace that I just adored. I have a thing for sparkles and oddly fringe and it had both. So I have summed this purchase up to fate after I found out it was only $40 (which was my cap on any item as per shopping diet). I also met the designer, Eliza Kozurno and her work is definitely worth checking out.

It’s so pretty.

It’s a major statement piece. Goes great with blues and my favourite Club Monaco tank my best friend got me for my 20th birthday. Fringe-tastic.

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