ashley and the finale

It’s almost near impossible to live in North America and not be aware of ABC’s The Bachelor/The Bachelorette series. I remember watching the first season and seeing Trista jilted as third runner-up. I then vowed to never watch it again. That was until this season, when I got caught up with Ashley’s annoying Bentley drama that consumed the regular weekly magazines I read. I was anticipating the finale to be perfect. After all, Ashley has a stylist and a beautiful backdrop for her staged proposal.

I was severely disappointed with her dress just as much as I was with her final choice (sorry JP, but Ben was a smarter choice and I’m pretty sure a huge chunk of the female population would agree).

The dress made by designer Randi Rahm and according to HollywoodLife, cost $16,790. Overall, I think the dress was absolutely breathtaking — that is, on the hanger. However, on Ashley, the dress was not flattering at all. With her small chest and an awkward set of straps that were only there for decorative purposes, this overpriced frock made her look like she had saggy boobs and wide hips. Though I will give her immense props for feathers and glitter, a combination I favour dearly.

Additionally, I absolutely hated those pearl drop earrings from Cezua of Beverly Hills. Don’t get me wrong, I love pearls and have a set of pearl drop earrings myself, but the contrasting black pearl and white pearl did not suit the blush Rahm gown and I certainly hated the fact that the earrings were the opposite of each other.

As for the boys, I’d like to congratulate JP on picking the prettiest engagement ring out of the Neil Lane collection offered to him.

And Ben, if you’re reading this in the Sonoma Valley, even though the ring you picked out made me want to vomit, call me.

2 Comments on “ashley and the finale”

  1. Meg says:

    do you have pictures of the rings?

  2. Do actually think this is true?

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