youtube tutorial: silver smokey eye


So in a hasty decision to up my blog presence, I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel.

I bet you’re thinking “Wow Carly, a YouTube channel? With Carly Foy? HOW AWESOME!”

And you’re right. It is awesome.


This video I made, is like a cupcake without the sugar.

To be honest, it’s missing the Carly Foy swag I have. So with that being said, the video is a legit tutorial. I’m an awkward person on camera and for that, I apologize. Yet it is a learning curve. I promise that the next video will say “I’m Carly F. Foy and I’m awesome” versus “I’m just Carly Foy and I don’t know how to smile.”

To watch the tutorial, click here.

And if I fail as a YouTuber, I’m going to blame the ginger.


your turn

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