tickle me coral: sultra hair mascara review

I’ve been quite bored with my hair lately. In the past two years, I’ve gone from brunette, to blonde, to brunette again to having some weird ombre effect to it, thanks to the bleach from the blonde, if you can follow that.

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TOMS ballet shoes

Santa-Monica brand TOMS has decided to expand their shoe empire this upcoming Spring 2012 with their collection of ballet shoes.

The brand promises that this collection will continue with their One for One program (for those who are unaware, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every purchase). The ballet flats will be sold at retailers for about $75 but for those who are willing to spend an extra $50, a series of upscale versions (think of TOMS and The Row collaboration) will be available at U.S. store, Neiman Marcus.

The TOMS ballet shoes will be available in fabrics such as suede and linen as well as leather.

And if you’re super excited for these flats, the TOMS website has an e-mail sign-up that will notify customers when the collection is available.

opposites attract: magnetized nail polish

Thanks to the resurfacing of crackle nail polish (which, for those who didn’t know, was produced by Cover Girl about five years ago) and the look of “ombre” nails, a new trend is emerging that manicure junkies can now try; magnetic nail polish.

Produced by nails inc., the Magnetic Polish line was designed to allow the wearer to create their own nail art. Each bottle comes with a magnet that activates the iron powder found in the lacquer. Simply apply a base coat of the polish, and once dry, apply another coat. Immediately take the magnet and hold over wet nail for 10-15 seconds to create your own unique pattern.

nails inc. Magnetic Polish comes in three colours; Trafalgar Square (chrome), Houses of Parliament (purple) and Big Ben (gold) and is available at Sephora for $16 per bottle, or $30 for a sampler of all three colours.

adhere this – Dior Backstage Eyeliners

Further feeding my online shopping addiction, I was looking through the Dior section of Sephora when I stumbled upon Dior’s newest cosmetic, Dior Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches

These patches come in a set of four: Effeft Velours, Effeft Brilliant (which has black Swarovski micro-crystals) and Effet Haute Couture (which shines with white Swarovski micro-crystals).

To be honest, the idea of stick-on eyeliner is an iffy idea to me. Have you ever gone to the bar and seen that girl with the false eyelashes and they’re half off and she doesn’t realize because she’s too drunk? I foresee this as a major possibility with these eyeliner patches. Imagine them falling off halfway throughout your night.

My suggestion is just to buy a gel liner and practice until you get your perfect look (because despite being multi-use, they are a $60 investment).

But for all those fanatics who love the idea, these will be available in Dior stores starting tomorrow (September 8th) and are currently available exclusively on Sephora.com.

Sources:  Refinery29 and Sephora

youtube tutorial: silver smokey eye


So in a hasty decision to up my blog presence, I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel.

I bet you’re thinking “Wow Carly, a YouTube channel? With Carly Foy? HOW AWESOME!”

And you’re right. It is awesome.


This video I made, is like a cupcake without the sugar.

To be honest, it’s missing the Carly Foy swag I have. So with that being said, the video is a legit tutorial. I’m an awkward person on camera and for that, I apologize. Yet it is a learning curve. I promise that the next video will say “I’m Carly F. Foy and I’m awesome” versus “I’m just Carly Foy and I don’t know how to smile.”

To watch the tutorial, click here.

And if I fail as a YouTuber, I’m going to blame the ginger.

quick DIY: cream and navy bib necklace

Being a loving, caring person that I am, I took my sister who was sick to the clinic. Of course though, I was bored and decided to stop by Michaels. I stopped by the beading section to just kill time when I found a cute, pre-made bib from Bead Landing: C’est La Vie collection. The colour is a nice cream that is accent by off-white mesh. To pair with it, I choose a silk cording from Jewelry Essentials and their Naturals collection in navy blue. Also, this total cost, with tax was $10.16, which is way cheaper than buying one in the store.

Here’s a simply how-to for this quick DIY.

What you’ll need:

-A pre-made bib (with hooks to lace through the cording)

-Silk cording (the package I used came with a thick cord and a thin cord, use whichever you prefer)

-Thread (that matches the cording)




Take the cording and cut the ends on an angle. This is to help thread the cording through the jewelry hooks. If the silk is fraying, proceed to grab the tape and tape the edge to help insert it. Once hooked onto the necklace, pull through. Then try on the necklace and slide up the ribbon for preferred placement. Once necklace hangs where desired, cut the excess cording but leave behind about an extra inch for sewing the ribbon together. Grab your needle and thread and fold the end of the cording. Proceed to stitch and tie a knot once finished. Cut any extra cording and voila, you have your quick DIY bib necklace.








P.S. I’d like to thank my mother, who I asked to take a picture of my chest. I could’ve worded it a bit better when asking but she’s a very understanding woman. Most of the time.















it’s jersday: 10 predictions for jersey shore season 4

It’s the season 4 premiere of Jersey Shore and I’ve made some predictions.

1. Ronnie and Sammie will fight: This shouldn’t surprise you. They get back together. It’s inevitable.

2. Mike will not get as much as Vinny: Let’s face it. Vinny is attractive. Mike is balding.

3. Snooki will flash her lady bits: Even though I just watched the first few minutes and she seemingly packed one suitcase full of panties, Jersey Shore fans have seen her drunk cartwheels. They’re indefinitely blurred.

4. Pauly D will blow a fuse in the house: When I went to Italy, I killed my friend’s convertor straightening my afro. The electricity in the house is doomed.

5. Everyone’s Italian vocabulary will expand: Instead of just knowing the word ciao, they will expand their vocab to mangia, grazie, sesso, formaggio and giù per scopare.

6. The girls will not make it up those stairs: The apartment has a bajillion stairs. Snooki has tiny legs and all the girls have a love of alcohol.

7. Ronnie will be topless 99% of the time: I’m watching it now and he’s been topless since he arrived.

8. Italy will have a shortage of wine, limoncello and grappa: Screw Jager, it’s Florence. They’ll be classy drunks.

9. Deena will violate statues: That girl has no boundaries.

10. Vinny will shave his beard: This “beard” of his is no beard. It is a 5 o’clock shadow. He will shave it in embarrassment over a real man’s beard.