opposites attract: magnetized nail polish

Thanks to the resurfacing of crackle nail polish (which, for those who didn’t know, was produced by Cover Girl about five years ago) and the look of “ombre” nails, a new trend is emerging that manicure junkies can now try; magnetic nail polish.

Produced by nails inc., the Magnetic Polish line was designed to allow the wearer to create their own nail art. Each bottle comes with a magnet that activates the iron powder found in the lacquer. Simply apply a base coat of the polish, and once dry, apply another coat. Immediately take the magnet and hold over wet nail for 10-15 seconds to create your own unique pattern.

nails inc. Magnetic Polish comes in three colours; Trafalgar Square (chrome), Houses of Parliament (purple) and Big Ben (gold) and is available at Sephora for $16 per bottle, or $30 for a sampler of all three colours.


nail polish of the week

My nail polish addiction continues to grow. I’m determined to change it every week.

So this week, I’m wearing from Gosh’s nail lacquer line, Pink Rose (#543, $6.00?).

It’s a nice soft pink that has some vibrance. What I like about Gosh’s nail lacquers is that they never seem to chip easily. I can get away with about a week’s worth of colour before it has to come off. I also prefer darker colours thanks to my fair skin, but this colour actually looks nice on any skin tone. Perfect summery shade.